Google Unveiled Android P Public Beta

Google Unveiled Android P Public Beta

We wanted to spend time on one key thing that Android P changes for Android phones. Run popular editors, code in your favorite language and launch projects to Google Cloud with the command-line.

On stage at I/O, Google reminds us that the original voice for Assistant is called "Holly".

Google AI as part of the operating system can help you save battery life.

Make sure your Nokia 7 Plus has either model number TA-1046 or TA-1055, otherwise, it won't work. Now, Gmail will become even better, with a new Smart Compose feature that will help you finish your sentences in emails, thanks to AI and machine learning. Support for multiple commands - dubbed Multiple Actions by Google - is also rolling out and will allow users to ask their assistant to, for example, turn on the bedroom lights and turn off the TV with a single phrase. If folks don't activate any of the "digital wellbeing" functions, then the new version of Android P isn't going to really do anything.

The update to the OS brings a new Do Not Disturb feature that would disappear notifications when turned on. Do note that users will have to sign up for Android P, irrespective of whether they enrolled in the Android O Beta Program. That's about it, as usual Google's wearable OS doesn't get a lot of shiny new features.

Now, tap the app icon on the top of the card which you want to use in split-screen view.

And maybe the most useful new feature will involve an auto-fill option while signing in to your Android TV account. The ADT-2 is only available to developers, for free, via this lengthy Google Form.

In a blog post, Google says that the new addition - dubbed as smart text selection - can be used to copy recipes, Wi-Fi passwords, and gift card codes to a phone.

After finally figuring out how to enable gesture navigation in the Android P beta, I was happy to discover that it works wonderfully. Once users accept the Android Beta Program Terms of Service, they can also share their feedback about Android P with the company from their device and by joining the Android Beta Program Google+ community. This data might horrify you, but knowing is the first step to doing something.

This will all soon change as Google with the greater restrictions in the upcoming Android P software.

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