Google Lens being integrated directly into the camera app

Google Lens being integrated directly into the camera app

Instead, the assistant will understand when you're talking to it, versus someone else.

Google announced a slew of eyebrow-raising features this week - including the ability for AI to make calls for people. On the LG G7 that our rep used for the demo, this all happened quickly, with only minor noticeable delays as Lens analyzed the scene.

Android's new face to the world.

For app developers, Google showed off its Slices and App Actions features that make the interactions with apps more seamless. Maybe you'll finally use your Android phone to read a bit more. "When you modularize the app, it's not just an API call", Samat explained to The Verge. Google had originally encouraged OEMs to differentiate, and they did. We speak about the Google Search bar and its prominence on the Android home screen. It comes with a Google Assistant button and promises to provide a 4K Android TV user experience at 60 fps with HDR playback capability. But we do know that Google is currently working on expanding Android Auto's reach. The design is very similar to the iPhone X horizontal bar. Switching apps has never been easier. If you long-press on the side button, you'll go back to normal mode.

Google is adding new features with the second DP as well.

There's easy access to a website that walks you through setup, but honestly you probably don't even need it. Assembling the kit is as simple as popping out the cardboard, putting it together, popping in the display, WiFi, and camera modules, and connecting everything with the included ribbon cables. The Pixel Buds were a mess of a product born out of a (very good) product demonstration.

The optional swipe navigation.

Google 's next version of Android has new tools that will help users fight their smartphone addiction.

It's also unclear how Google would navigate legal concerns such as the Federal Communications Commission's telemarketing and robocall laws. It was the Babel Fish made real. The feature is expected this summer. You win some, you lose some.

Big tech is facing unprecedented scrutiny for the addictive nature of apps and devices, mass accumulation of personal data, skyrocketing wealth from digital advertising and growing societal repercussions, such as job loss, from advances in artificial intelligence. "As I move past my briefing, there are more stories selected just for me". It's not so much about using out phones less, but concentrating the time we spend with them into the things that are most important.

Google also officially announced autofill on Android TV allowing you to save your username and password and auto enter them into your Android TV apps. Google said a test will be available in the coming months. That kills notifications from anyone except your inner charmed circle. However, what is the cost for all the conveniences? So during a restaurant booking, the human might say a number which could mean the time or it could mean the number of people.

Last, but certainly not least, is a focus on Computer Vision moving forward.

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