Microsoft Releases Emergency Updates to Fix Meltdown and Spectre CPU Flaws

Other companies aren't the best when it comes to names, of course: Witness Google's endless stream of chat apps named things like Google Talk (called "Chat" in some areas), Hangouts, Google+ Messenger, Allo, and Duo, or their confusingly named Google Play Music All Access service that also includes YouTube Red, a name that sounds too much like a certain adult website.

Fixing the problem involves separating the user and kernel page files, which will cause Linux, Windows, and macOS slowdowns that could be as bad as a 30% performance decrease.

As of now, no Microsoft representative has provided an official response on the forums, so we have reached out to the company ourselves and will update if they respond.

Remember though, you'll need to act quickly before this particular loophole is closed for good.

For Apple MacOS users, checking for updates is more straightforward.

This doesn't really make sense in the broader Windows 10 lineup anyway, where you have Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Professional, Windows 10 Enterprise, and Windows 10 S. One of these names is not like the other. The "frustrated" user, for example, reports that beyond that laptop, one desktop with a different AMD chip and three laptops with Intel chips have successfully updated. Moreover, the operating system works smoothly with the latest processors.

"The updates will be available for the above devices running Windows 10 Creators Update (OS version 15063) and Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (OS version 16299)". The Microsoft pen uses a single AAA battery and offers multiple tips for a customized experience, while the iPad pen must be charged via a Lightning connector, but offers a programmable button, and an "eraser" on top. Others who report the same issue are also using older AMD chips.

Luckily, there's a workaround that enables you to completely remove the Xbox app from your Windows 10. Intel and its partners have made significant progress in deploying updates as both software patches and firmware updates. Because of that, this is basically a port from the Xbox interface.

Unless users have created a restore point for Windows, it is not possible to roll back the installation to an earlier version of the operating system without the patch installed. One of the security researchers said the bugs are "going to haunt us for years".

Find the Photos entry in the Applications list and delete the one with a library icon.

Security experts say it's not clear how frequently real-world attackers might attempt to exploit these flaws. This is a major loophole since all users got the benefit of the upgrade.

Numerous operating systems require updates as well, including Apple Mac OS X and iOS devices, Google's Android, and Microsoft Windows.

So you've decided you're ready for a professional tablet, to bring that little extra portability and panache to your hardware.

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