Find out if your PC is compatible — Windows Meltdown patch

Find out if your PC is compatible — Windows Meltdown patch

That the FCU was handed to customers faster than its predecessor could be explained several ways. "This attack allows a program to access the memory, and thus also the secrets, of other programs and the operating system".

New animations: This is perhaps not a major feature but still good to see Microsoft working to enhance the overall User Experience of the app.

Cisco is the latest company to prepare patches to tackle the serious security vulnerabilities affecting the majority of CPUs, Meltdown and Spectre.

Not only is CERT's suggestion an expensive proposition, it suggests that if you really, really want to make sure you're secure, the patches companies are rolling out to users won't fully fix everything.

By now Windows users should have received the patches Microsoft released yesterday to plug the widespread Meltdown bug and its companion Spectre, which expose most computers and phones to speculative execution side-channel attacks that affect chips from Intel, AMD, and Arm.

The patch applies to all supported versions of Windows and Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server and the Edge and Internet Explorer 11 browsers.

"Cisco recommends customers harden their virtual environment and to ensure that all security updates are installed". While some users do actively seek out the upgrade to download and install, most wait for Microsoft to offer it to their PC, at which point the rest is usually automatic. "In essence, Intel x86-64x CPU owners are left with the unappealing choice of either purchasing a new processor or computer containing a CPU that does not contain the Defect, or continuing to use a computer with massive security vulnerabilities or one with significant performance degradation".

The first step that Microsoft took was to remove support for SharedArrayBuffer and reduce the resolution of the web API. There are already fixes for Meltdown for various system standards like Linux, AMD, Intel, and ARM.

Security researchers on Wednesday disclosed a set of security flaws that they.

We're unclear on when these changes will be publicly available but the timing suggests in the next insider preview build or whenever Microsoft is done with internal tests.

The business is investigating a network application, service and acceleration product; a series of routers and switches; and a number of unified computing servers, although it said no Cisco product is known to be vulnerable.

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