Max Holloway open to Conor McGregor rematch, but considers UFC star retired

Max Holloway open to Conor McGregor rematch, but considers UFC star retired

Watching major UFC bouts is difficult if you don't have the money to pay up for the pay-per-view prices. UFC, WEC, 11 years undefeated, you can go on and on about him. He's still retired in my eyes.

Some of McGregor's current problems extend far beyond the financial and sporting realms, however, amid all the chaos surrounding him these last few weeks, it was interesting that he recently decided to jab both the Sunday Independent and the newly-crowned UFC Featherweight champion Max Holloway. You can fight NPCs or human opponents in one-off matches or try a small taste of UFC Ultimate Team, a mode where you assemble a roster of fighters and collect cards to upgrade their movesets and stats.

Whatever the case, Holloway is clearly a star and a draw for the UFC. Then I knock him unconscious with. a kick to the leg.

Holloway's stoppage of Jose Aldo at UFC 218 on Saturday gave the Hawaiian his first undisputed title in the UFC and his 12th consecutive victory since losing to McGregor back in 2013. Hopefully his account doesn't get banned and he doesn't get locked up.

With 140 million in the bank, there is no need for McGregor to fight again.

UFC 3 launches on PS4 and Xbox One February 2, 2018.

UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor has not defended his title since defeating Eddie Alvarez on Nov. 12 2016 but his social media presence shows no signs of abating ahead of his trip to London for the British Fashion awards.

Holloway turned 26 Monday, but remains loyal to the company. "I told you guys". For the most part, it's the closest a game has ever gotten to recreating the sweaty, sloggy testosterone stew that is a mixed martial arts fight. New animations drive home the impact of your strikes: a good body kick will leave your opponent sucking wind.

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